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Naughty Boy Lifestyle Vit C Powder 200g

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Naughty Boy Lifestyle Vit C Powder 200g

200 servings 

100% Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid)

Key Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin C supports metabolic function, helping our bodies convert food and drinks into energy.

Vitamin C is essential for making collagen, the main component of hair, bones, skin, ligaments, nails, joints and blood vessels.

Vitamin C helps the body to absorb Iron, Iron is one of the most important minerals for good health.

Vitamin C increases the bioavailability of nitric oxide in the body.


Serving size – 1g

Servings per container – 200

Per 1g Serving

Vitamin C powder (Ascorbic Acid) – 1000mg

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