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Chaos Crew Serious Greens 293g


Chaos Crew Serious Greens 293g

25 Servings

Though current guidelines still suggest that 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day are adequate, new evidence is suggesting that we should actually be consuming 10 a day, in order to fulfil our nutrient needs. It’s also important to consume a wide range of different fruits and vegetables. As Serious Greens is packed with Superfoods, fruits and greens, it can help you to help you work towards your daily nutritional intake.

- 8 grams of various Superfoods, Greens and Fruits for optimal health & wellness

- 2 grams of Inulin fibre to help support normal bowel movement and gut health

- Digestive enzymes help to promote better digestion and breakdown of food

- Probiotic to further support Gut Health


Chaos Crew Serious Greens 293g







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