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CNP Pro Beta Alanine 500g

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CNP Pro Beta Alanine 500g

  • Amino Acid Supplement
  • Helps To Buffer Lactic Acid
  • Supports High Levels of Muscular Endurance
  • 172 servings
  • Unflavoured 

CNP Pro Beta Alanine has been designed for those who partake in high intensity training and require high levels of muscular endurance.

Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid which the body converts to Carnosine.

It helps to buffer lactic acid in the muscles to delay fatigue.

It helps to support reps during strength training as well as performance during high intensity cardiovascular exercise for example when cycling or sprinting.

CNP recommend consuming two to five servings of Pro Beta Alanine daily to maintain muscle Carnosine stores.

Some people may experience skin tingling when taking this supplement and may find that dividing the daily dose into three or four servings throughout the day will prevent this from happening.


Container Size: Serving Size: 2.9g Amount Per Serving: Protein: 0.1g Carbohydrates: 0.1g Fat: 0.1g Salt: 0.1g Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Beta Alanine Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.

Each serving of CNP Pro Beta Alanine provides 1g of beta alanine. Nutritionists recommend between 2-5g of beta alanine daily to support sports performance. Pro Beta Alanine should be used daily in order to build up muscle Carnosine stores and therefore see the full benefits of beta alanine supplementation.


Maltodextrin, Beta Alanine.

Warning not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

No Supplements should be used as a substitute for a varied diet

Store all supplements out of reach for children


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